Tax Services

Our tax experts have the experience and transaction-based knowledge to minimize any unwanted tax exposures or surprises. Our focus is on identifying potential deal breakers and minimizing tax exposures related to transactions. Our team quantifies the costs and benefits to all parties involved in the deal. We work with our clients to creatively think through alternative structures and solutions to minimize tax risks and costs.

We bring deep expertise in all aspects of tax law – from federal, state, local, and foreign issues to income, sales, property, and payroll taxes. Our team has the knowledge and experience to quantify the issue and bring solutions. We have the expertise with C Corp, S Corp, partnership, and asset structures. We are prepared to assist clients with transactions of all shapes and sizes no matter what the structure is – from small domestic deals to large multi-jurisdictional transactions.

Our Services *

  • Tax structuring for acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, buy-outs, spin-offs, divestitures, and dispositions
  • Tax modeling and comparative benefit analysis for both buyer and seller
  • Tax diligence investigation for both buy side and sell side
  • Tax impact and modeling for debt restructuring and bankruptcy

Who We Serve

  • Strategic buyers
  • Private equity funds
  • Sellers
  • CFOs
  • Corporate controllers
  • Tax directors

* Tax services provided through a strategic relationship with Tax Consulting Associates, LLC

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