Solvency Opinions

One of the key issues in any leveraged transaction is whether the company has the ability to continue servicing debts and perform ongoing operations. While solvency opinions provide support and confidence to key stakeholders that the deal will not result in a fraudulent conveyance, not all solvency opinions are created equally. Often, the important factors in a legal proceeding are the selection process for the valuation firm, the approach and analysis for developing the opinion, and the ability to defend that opinion.

Stout provides a fresh, independent perspective by using proven valuation techniques, sophisticated financial and cash flow modeling, thorough industry analysis, and extensive due diligence. By leveraging Stout's experienced transaction opinion committee, our senior team provides fiduciaries assurance that the transaction was diligently investigated and reviewed.

Types of Applicable Transactions 

  • Corporate spin-offs
  • Dividend recapitalizations
  • Financing transactions
  • Reasonably equivalent value tests
  • Capital surplus tests

Who We Serve

  • Corporate boards of directors
  • Special committees
  • Trustees
  • Other fiduciaries

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