Management Consulting

Stout offers specialized consulting services focused on helping companies optimize operations, reduce risk, make informed decisions, and enhance value. We provide the following Management Consulting services. 

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial inteligence practice provides economic and predictive models based on the latest ideas in machine and deep learning and market-based econometrics to help organizations make better decisions, such as:

  • Selection and design of products, technologies, processes, intellectual property, and facilities
  • Risk management and interventions by predictions of future events and outcomes
  • Resource allocation, budgeting, and portfolio management of real assets and decisions
  • Proactive management by the forecasting of demand, capacity, costs, revenues, and profits

We have worked with clients across numerous industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, legal services, pharmaceuticals, and energy.

Healthcare Consulting

Stout’s healthcare consulting team has a proven track record of providing quantifiable healthcare consulting and advisory services for a range of complex engagements and client types. Our experienced professionals have, on average, more than 25 years of healthcare experience. We work with the C-suite, attorneys, and private medical practices across a wide range of healthcare organizations to measure the effectiveness of operational processes and improve how healthcare organizations:

  • Deliver value to patients
  • Reduce overhead
  • Minimize organizational risk
  • Mitigate operational complexities
  • Enhance profitability

Legal Management Consulting

The Stout Legal Management Consulting team assists corporate counsel and law firms in managing their businesses. We work side by side with legal organizations, their IT and business partners, and third-party providers to contain risks and costs through process improvement, efficient data management, and technology usage.

We help clients ensure that the right people perform the right work, and position the legal organization for success in the eyes of executives and team members. Our services focus on achieving tangible results and enduring change. We serve both as advisors and as experienced, scalable, hands-on resources.

Our services include:

  • Operations Assessment
  • Spend Analysis and Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Technology Planning, Selection, and Implementation
  • Discovery Strategy and Case Management
  • Discovery Program Management


Our restructuring experts possess extensive experience with both bankruptcy and out-of-court restructuring. We help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value.

Our deep expertise across many industries allows us to quickly ascertain the key issues and to react immediately on behalf of our clients. Our clients include debtors, lenders, individual creditors, and creditor committees, in addition to officers, directors, and the boards and committees involved with corporate governance.

Risk Management

Stout is recognized internationally as a leading advisory firm in the automotive sector. We have provided consulting services and expert testimony for significant automotive industry warranty and recall programs and disputes. On behalf of both OEMs and suppliers, Stout has analyzed:

  • Warranty and recall data-collection systems, warranty repair history, administrative processes and costs, recall risks and costs, component risk factors, recall completion rates, and other information.
  • Warranty and recall circumstances of many sizes and types – from the largest of recalls affecting millions of vehicles to small recalls or extended warranty actions affecting several thousand vehicles – and everything in between.

Our analyses are used to assist clients in understanding the risk and economic costs of warranty service repair, recall campaigns, and other actions for purposes of risk mitigation, improved business processes, customer and supplier negotiations, claim assessment, and settlement and trial testimony.

Value Optimization Services

Our specialized professionals work with boards of directors, special transaction committees, corporate executives, and corporate development professionals to enhance corporate and shareholder value by providing ongoing corporate finance support functions and pre- and post-acquisition support. Specifically, we can:

  • Serve as an extension to finance, accounting, and corporate development professionals by assisting with special projects such as acquisition or divesture modeling, capital structure organizations, or buy vs. build analysis
  • Supplement a company's financial and accounting staff by creating leverage for a company without the need for permanent and expensive staff
  • Provide target valuation, synergy analysis, and accretion/dilution analysis as companies contemplate M&A transactions

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