Enhancing shareholder value throughout all stages of a transaction.

Enhancing shareholder value throughout all stages of a transaction.

M&A Transaction Services

The steps that a company chooses to undertake to create and enhance value both pre-and post-deal are critical to its long-term financial success. Given the volatile nature of deal activity, and the significant time and resources required to complete an M&A transaction, strategic leaders and corporate development departments benefit from scalable and knowledgeable transactional support providers.

Stout offers numerous support services, in addition to Transaction Opinions, Financial & Tax Due Diligence, Accounting & Reporting Advisory, and Tax Advisory Services to help management teams with transaction planning, execution, and implementation to ensure that the deal is ultimately value-enhancing to the organization.

The services that we offer include:

Pre-Deal Support

  • Long-term forecast modeling and pro forma consolidation
  • Acquisition and divestiture [pro forma] financial impact analysis
  • Modeling of stand-alone financials for carve-outs and non-core businesses
  • Carve-out/stand-alone financials for carve-outs and non-core businesses
  • Synergy analysis - identification, quantification and impact on value
  • Earnings per share (EPS) accretion/dilution analyses
  • Public company readiness assessment and support services

Pre-Deal Analysis

  • Acquisition target financial assessment and valuation
  • Relative value/merger exchange ratio analysis
  • Cost of capital analysis
  • Comparable public company benchmarking (margins/multiples)
  • Transaction ROI analysis
  • Industry research and growth/trend analysis
  • IT due diligence

Post-Deal Support

  • Opening balance sheet valuations for tax and book reporting
  • Goodwill/balance sheet reallocation on divestitures
  • Technical accounting support (e.g. audit-ready memos, schedules, and other supporting documentation)
  • Financial statement and audit preparation
  • Post-deal digital strategy and implementation

Who We Serve

  • Corporate executives
  • Corporate development professionals
  • Boards of directors
  • Special transaction committees