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Legal Operations

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Analyzing legal spend and operational data, we provide recommendations to reduce costs, and create models and performance dashboards to manage the sourcing of work by aligning price to value.

Process and Resource Optimization

Assessing business operations that impact risk, cost, and value, we provide actionable roadmaps to help legal organizations pursue initiatives and accelerate performance. Our assessments scale from review of specific processes to a comprehensive evaluation of legal operations, structure, roles and responsibilities, service delivery, cost, and technology. Incorporating our experience, industry benchmarks, client feedback, and business objectives, we develop recommendations for improving operations and organizational design and effectiveness to meet both short- and long-term goals.

Vendor Management

Understanding the relationship between law firms, corporate counsel, and outside vendors, we guide clients on how to better manage cost without adversely impacting risk or quality. Opportunities include shifting or consolidating work, researching new providers, sourcing through preferred providers, implementing alternative pricing structures, and enhancing business reporting.

Spend Analysis and Cost Reduction

Positioning legal organizations to achieve an average of 5%-15% reduction in external legal spend, our tailored action plans and supporting cost models are practical, creative, and effective.

Our solutions help shape legal business operations and spend management by guiding teams on how to:

  • Realign work to match price with value and complexity
  • Assist with rate benchmarking and analytics
  • Develop alternative fee arrangements
  • Establish preferred provider programs or RFP processes to procure services
  • Identify alternative resourcing models or lower cost outsourcing options
  • Manage and track firm and matter performance evaluations
  • Define and enforce outside counsel and vendor billing policies
  • Enhance business reporting and monitor key performance indicators

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