Legal Management Consulting

Stout assists corporate counsel and law firms in managing their businesses more effectively. We work with legal organizations, IT, business partners, and vendors to contain risk and cost through operational improvement, efficient data management, and technology usage. We help ensure the right people perform the right work, and position the legal organization for success in the eyes of executives and team members. 

Our services focus on achieving tangible results and enduring change. We serve both as advisors and as experienced, scalable hands-on resources.

Operations Assessment

Assessing business operations that impact risk, cost, and value, we provide actionable roadmaps to help legal organizations pursue initiatives and accelerate performance. Our assessments scale from review of specific processes to a comprehensive evaluation of service delivery, resources, cost, and technology. Incorporating our experience, industry benchmarks, client feedback, and business objectives, we develop recommendations for improving operations in the short and long term.

Spend Analysis and Strategic Cost Reduction

Analyzing legal spend and operational data, we provide recommendations to reduce costs, as well as create models and performance dashboards to manage the sourcing of work by aligning price to value. We understand the relationship between law firms and corporate counsel, and guide clients on how to manage cost without adversely impacting risk or quality. Opportunities may include shifting or consolidating work, sourcing through preferred providers, implementing alternative pricing structures, or enhancing business reporting.

Technology Planning, Selection, and Implementation

Using our legal process and technology experience, we fill an important role between legal organizations, software vendors, and IT. We assist clients with strategic technology planning, software selection, process design, and system deployment. Leveraging our experience with leading solutions, we help clients reconcile internal business requirements and the desire for increased productivity with available technology capabilities. We don’t just install software. We partner closely with clients and vendors throughout the implementation to ensure enduring, positive change.

We assist with the following technologies

  • Contract Management
  • Discovery Management
    • Legal Hold
    • Data Collection, Processing, and Hosting
    • Machine Learning and Analytics
    • Review Platform
  • Document Management
  • Matter Management and Electronic Billing
  • Workflow Automation

Discovery Strategy and Case Management

Acting as an advocate and extension of the client team, we partner with law departments, law firms, and vendors to promote practical and consistent discovery processes for individual matters. We guide decisions from preservation to production to minimize risk and control cost by providing disciplined planning, proactive communication, experienced judgment, and consistent reporting to meet unique case needs. Our experienced resources can augment established client teams to quickly fill voids, help project manage, and add stability.

Discovery Program Management

Easing the burden that discovery can place on legal organizations, we help clients think through how to holistically manage discovery processes, technology, and supporting resources. Our experience shows that replicating a standard and repeatable discovery operating model across matter portfolios has a multiplier effect on defensibility and cost reduction. We recognize the need for continual improvement, and accordingly, provide performance metrics to drive accountability and demonstrate ongoing success.