Investigating every angle of long-tailed third-party insurance claims to provide the best solution

Investigating every angle of long-tailed third-party insurance claims to provide the best solution

Legacy Long-Tail Liability Claims

Stout’s experience with long-tailed third-party insurance claims is second to none. Our unique combination of financial, coverage, allocation, and negotiation experience to develop and execute strategies will achieve the optimal result for your organization. In all major insurance markets, our team has helped clients and their outside counsel achieve over $4 billion in settlements nationally and internationally, with both runoff and active insurers. Our long-tailed liability claim experience includes:

  • Asbestos
  • Silica and other mixed dust
  • Lead pigment
  • Silicone implants
  • Occupational hearing loss
  • PCB, benzene, MTBE, and other chemical claims
  • Environmental remediation and toxic torts
  • Employer’s liability claims

Our settlement solutions cover the spectrum of possibilities:

  • Full-policy buybacks / commutations
  • Structured settlements
  • Coverage in place
  • Combination of cash settlements with restructured future coverage
  • Settlements with some or all proceeds purchasing new coverage
  • Transactions with runoff/insolvent/solvent scheme companies

The right structure for your settlement is dependent upon many variables, and we investigate each angle to provide the best solution.

Our team becomes involved at various stages of maturity, including settling claims without litigation, engaging after years of protracted coverage litigation, testifying to coverage, dealing with allocation issues and monitoring, and settling insurance claims against insolvent insurers and schemes of arrangements.

Our Approach

We follow a comprehensive three-phase approach:

  • Initial policy and exposure analysis (including policy archaeology if necessary)
  • Detailed claim documentation, policy, and allocation analysis
  • Presentation and negotiation of claims and negotiating the right deal structure