Stout’s team of forensic professionals includes accountants and valuation and finance professionals.

Stout’s team of forensic professionals includes accountants and valuation and finance professionals.


Investigations into suspected fraud, financial reporting irregularities, and regulatory compliance issues pose significant risk to companies and individuals, regardless of whether any actual
misconduct is discovered.

The cost, business disruption, and impact on morale and reputation can create significant hardship. The penalties related to actual findings of fraud, errors and irregularities can be devastating. For these reasons, the sophistication and experience of the forensic investigators is paramount for achieving the best possible outcome.

Stout’s team of forensic professionals includes accountants, and valuation and finance professionals that are certified, licensed, and trained to assist clients with deconstructing complex financial transactions.

Stout's Forensic Services Professionals

  • Are adept at identifying, documenting, and quantifying the impact of alleged fraud and irregularities.
  • Understand the complexities involved in corporate internal investigations, commercial litigation engagements, and regulatory actions.
  • Specialize in highly sensitive, complex, and high-stakes investigations where all aspects of the forensic analysis must stand up to scrutiny by the courts, regulators, and opposing counsel and experts.
  • Are quickly able to locate financial and operational data critical to the matters at issue.
  • Take a qualitative view of data — its sources and uses, how it flows in and among company systems, what it means, and its potential uses and application with respect to the issues at hand.
  • Rapidly acquire, assemble, analyze, summarize, and report on even the largest financial, operational, accounting, and transactional data sets.
  • Have experience in investigations and disputes involving data sets exceeding 200 terabytes. This enables us to successfully and efficiently support matters where the sheer volume of data involved might be a serious obstacle for other firms.

Stout has been engaged by corporations and government agencies to perform large, complex, and sensitive forensic investigations, including:

  • Governmental regulatory inquiries
  • Internal management and board of director inquiries
  • False Claims Act and whistleblower matters
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Labor disputes
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • White-collar crime investigations

Our Services

  • Accounting-intensive analysis
  • Forensic accounting services
  • Asset tracing
  • Fraud investigations
  • Assessment of alleged financial statement misrepresentations
  • Valuation analyses of transactions
  • Interviews of key witnesses