Intellectual Property Resource Center

Intellectual Property Resource Center

Stout has the only fully integrated team of valuation professionals, damages experts, compliance professionals, investment bankers, and technical experts with the ability to execute a full spectrum of IP services.

In the constantly changing landscape of technology and innovation, it is important to fully understand, monitor, defend, and monetize the value of intellectual property (IP) assets. At Stout, our IP professionals are trusted advisors with experience providing expert analysis, transaction execution, consulting, and testimony regarding all forms of IP and intangible assets.


Intellectual Property Disputes

Stout professionals have decades of experience in providing expert testimony in IP litigation across all industries. Our cross-disciplined approach creates value by offering our clients a team of testifiers and consultants, including CPAs, Ph.D. economists, MBAs, ASAs, ABVs, CFAs, CFEs, and individuals with engineering backgrounds.


Intellectual Property / Intangible Asset Valuation

Stout’s professionals bring clarity to the most complex IP assets. Our independent, third-party valuations use various approaches and methodologies for the type of asset being valued and the underlying purpose of the valuation. In addition, we draw from a variety of analytical techniques to perform our analyses. This ensures that you will receive a high-quality and well-supported valuation that is designed to withstand scrutiny.


Royalty Audit Services

Our dedicated team of royalty audit experts will help you realize the full value of your IP by ensuring compliance with existing license agreements. We offer several services to meet the specific needs of our clients, including Desk Audits, Field Audits, Royalty Compliance & Monitoring Programs, and Evaluation of Licensing Agreements.



Since 2011, our Intellectual Property professionals have been consistently recognized by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) in its annual rankings. In 2023, 14 of Stout’s IP experts were named in IAM's 2023 Patent 1000 rankings. Read the full news release.


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