Compliance Services

Stout approaches compliance matters with the goal of providing an accurate assessment of an organization’s adherence to mandates or contracts. Our independence and objectivity are paramount in fulfilling the terms under an agreement.

Corporate Monitoring

The use of independent monitors by judicial and regulatory government agencies is expanding. A corporate monitor must be capable of ensuring that monitored organizations meet their compliance and/or operational mandates.

Stout experts act as corporate monitors and as advisors to corporate monitors. We provide independent, transparent, and cost-effective corporate monitoring services, as well as support services to corporate monitors.

Our experience includes:

  • Assessing and monitoring compliance with the terms of judicial court orders and regulatory settlement agreements
  • Prioritizing tasks to mitigate high-risk issues or concerns
  • Evaluating existing ethics and compliance programs
  • Developing comprehensive risk assessments to enable future oversight of compliance programs
  • Providing forensic accounting, interview, data collection, and financial analytical review services
  • Ensuring company officials have an implementation plan necessary to effectuate the required outcome
  • Assisting companies in the implementation of recommendations and industry best practices
  • Testing and improving systems of internal controls

Contract Compliance

To realize the full benefit of commercial contracts, companies must do more than negotiate and agree to terms. They must ensure that all parties are fully complying with those terms. However, determining and enforcing contract compliance can be a complicated undertaking—particularly for companies that enter into large, complex contracts across multiple jurisdictions.

Stout professionals have the experience and financial expertise to determine compliance for even the most complex contracts while maintaining a positive relationship between the parties. In the event compliance reviews result in disputes, we have extensive experience in determining financial damages and testifying to defend our analyses.

We have experience auditing, analyzing, and providing testimony regarding contracts such as:

  • License agreements
  • Royalty agreements
  • Software licenses
  • Earnouts
  • Supply and procurement contracts
  • Distributor and sales agent contracts
  • Digital distribution rights
  • Contract manufacturing agreements
  • Leasing agreements

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