Utilizing technology, project management, data analysis, and reporting to process claims

Utilizing technology, project management, data analysis, and reporting to process claims

Claims Administration & Management

Claims management is a challenge for many organizations. From the initial claim filing to final resolution, the end-to-end claims process is complex, includes multiple documents, and requires updates and coordination among many parties.

Claim data is often tracked in multiple locations that require constant updates and are cumbersome and time-consuming to maintain. Through CAMeo (Stouts proprietary Claims Administration and Management tool), Stout assists clients by utilizing technology, project management, critical data analysis, and superior reporting to process and share information among multiple constituents.


CAMeo is a secure and customizable web-based claims administration tool for managing all relevant claim data from the initial filing through final resolution. CAMeo retains uniform data and documents in an electronic format for easy recall and analysis, which can assist in determining trends and help drive informed decision making.

Key Features and Benefits of CAMeo Include:

  • Real-Time Access to Current Data and Documents
  • Compliance and Efficiency Improvement
  • NCC Approvals on Key Data Fields Integration
  • Administration of Cost-Sharing Agreements
  • Secure Cloud-Based Document Storage
  • Simple Import of Legacy Claimant Data
  • Tight Audit Controls
  • Timely Reporting
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Paperless Environment

CAMeo Payments – Payment Processing

CAMeo Payments is an optional feature integrated into the CAMeo platform that provides a dynamic web-based claims payment processing tool for both indemnity and defense payments. CAMeo Payments provides a solution that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the payment process, and it incorporates control features to ensure proper payments are made timely, tracked appropriately, and reported to interested parties on a real-time basis.

Key Features and Benefits of CAMeo Payment Include:

  • Cloud-Based System With Online Accessibility
  • Advanced Security and Permissions
  • Streamlined Approval Process
  • Payment Processing and Account Management
  • Secure Cloud-Based Document Storage
  • Tight Audit Controls
  • Easy Upload Process
  • Customized Reporting
  • Paperless Environment