Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation is anticipated to reshape the business world and provide significant competitive advantages. In 2019, enterprise use of AI and digital transformation grew at 37%[1] (with a 270% increase in the past four years), and in 2021, AI and digital transformation will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity.[2] Given these trends, incorporating AI and digital transformation into your business is essential.

For more than 25 years, Stout has applied our experience in strategic, operational, and financial issues to our clients' most pressing and important business decisions. With Stout's Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation services, we combine our human intellectual capital with AI and automated technology to deliver insights, analyses, and predictive models that have a measurable impact on profit.

Our Digital Services

Our practice delivers four main offerings:

  1. Digital Strategy: Assessment of digital capabilities, IT platforms, data strategy, and governance. Recommendations that modernize and transform existing digital systems.
  2. Data/Analytics: Extraction, transformation and migration of data to scalable, API-based platforms. Creation of data visualizations, insights, and reporting.
  3. Prediction: Development of machine learning models that provide predictive capabilities.
  4. Automation: Automation of manual, repetitive, labor-heavy operational tasks, improving productivity, and cost reduction. 

Use-Case Examples

  • Build vs. buy analysis for digital/data platforms
  • Recommendations of data and API enterprise strategies
  • Assessment of data privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Data platform modernization and cloud migration
  • ERP data-focused optimization
  • Inventory demand forecasting
  • Cybersecurity vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Intelligent marketing
  • Customer service automation
  • Invoice processing automation
  • Insurance claims processing automation

Who We Serve

  • C-level executives
  • Data, analytics, and information technology leaders

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  2. “Leverage Augmented Intelligence to Win with AI,” Gartner Research, June 2019.

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