Radd Riebe is a Senior Advisor in the Valuation Advisory group. He has extensive experience in the firm’s Trust and Estate Advisory Services group.

Radd’s business valuation experience over 35 years encompasses a wide range of industries, over 3,000 engagements, and has been performed for numerous purposes including fairness opinions, estate and gift taxation, ESOPs, marital dissolutions, stock option grants, recapitalizations, blockage opinions, buy-sell agreements, mergers & acquisitions, Subchapter C to Subchapter S conversions, and other tax, corporate, and litigation related matters.

Radd has presented continuing education seminars on various subjects in business valuation and published articles on estate and gift tax valuation topics. He currently serves as the chair of the Valuations Committee for Trusts & Estates magazine. He was selected as the 2014 Distinguished Estate Planner by The Estate Planning Council of Cleveland. He has also testified as an expert witness related to valuation issues.

Select Publications

  • Trusts & Estates January 2018

    The Winter of our Discontent?
  • Trusts & Estates January 2017

    The Wait is Over
  • Trusts & Estates January 2016

    Wait and See
  • Trusts & Estates January 2015

    Opportunities from Unusual Places
  • Trusts & Estates October 2013

    Charitable Contribution of Intra-Family Notes
  • Trusts & Estates January 2013

    An Election Year Race - For Taxpayers
  • Trusts & Estates January 2012

    Upside Down in 2011
  • Trusts & Estates January 2011

    The Waiting Game
  • Trusts & Estates January 2010

    Discounts Under Siege
  • Trusts & Estates January 2009

    Time to Gift Low
  • Trusts & Estates January 2008

    The Feds Carry a Bigger Stick
  • Trusts & Estates December 2007

    Discount Before the Deal is Done
  • Trusts & Estates March 2004

    Don’t Accept Defeat
  • ESOP Report May 2003

    Level of Value Implications in Light of Eckelkamp
  • Ohio Lawyers Weekly March 2003

    IRS Successfully Attacks Family Partnerships

Select Presentations and Speeches

  • Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises 2017 Mid-Year Conference November 2017

    Industry Update on Trends That Are Breaking in Family Business Enterprises
  • Estate Planning Council of Cleveland September 2017

    Estate Planning and Valuation Issues
  • Ohio ACTEC Regional Meeting April 2017

    Estate Planning and Valuation Issues in Today's Trumped-Up Environment - A New World Order?
  • The Cleveland Foundation December 2016

    The Mythology of Discounted Interests: The New 2704(b) Regulations and Implications for Your Clients
  • Ohio State Bar Association October 2016

    Income Tax Planning for Family Business Entities, Including Sec. 2704 Proposed Regulations
  • Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute September 2015

    Practical Advice for Trust Design: A Holistic Perspective from the Trust and Estates Advisory Board
  • Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises 2015 Annual Conference April 2015

    Everything You Wanted to Know about Valuations but Were Afraid to Ask
  • Estate Planning Council of Cleveland November 2014

    Valuation Opportunities on the Roads Less Traveled
  • Business and Commercial Litigation Seminar – Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys August 2014

    How to Review a Valuation Report
  • Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Estate Planning March 2013

    2013 - Valuation Issues Targeted by the IRS in Estate and Gift Tax Disputes
  • 7th Annual Estate Planning Seminar – Boy Scouts of America September 2012

    Hot Topic Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax Disputes
  • Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Cleveland Tax Institute December 2011

    Valuations – Methods & Expert Strategy
  • University of Akron 2011 National Tax Conference September 2011

    Valuation of Closely Held Businesses
  • Society of Financial Service Professionals October 2010

    Current Valuation Complexities and Confusion
  • Ohio Employee Ownership Center June 2010

    ESOP Fiduciary & Administration Forum
  • The Estate Planning Council of Central New York May 2010

    Business Valuation Issues Relevant for Estate Planners
  • Cincinnati Bar Association’s Estate Planning & Probate Section Meeting October 2009

    Occupational Fraud and the Impact on Business Valuations
  • The Entrepreneurship Institute’s President’s Forum of Cleveland May 2009

    Ownership & Management Transition: Moving On in Good or Bad Times
  • 23rd Annual Ohio Employees Ownership Conference April 2009

    ESOP Sustainability: Repurchase Obligation & Distribution Policies
  • The Entrepreneurship Institute’s Presidents’ Forum of Cleveland June 2008

    Business Prenup
  • Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of the ESOP Association Annual Spring ESOP Conference March 2008

    Beyond the Leveraged ESOP
  • 10th Annual Presidents’ Forum of Cleveland June 2007

    Positioning Your Business for Sale