Stout Experts Join International Valuation Standards Council Boards

February 28, 2023

To further its mission of promoting and enhancing valuation standards globally, the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) has appointed Stouts leading experts Matt Clark to the Standards Review Board (SRB), Harris Antoniades to the Financial Instruments Board (FIB), and Kyle TenHuisen to the Tangible Assets Board (TAB).

The addition of Stouts leading experts further strengthens the IVSCs ability to oversee the development of standards and will play a key role in ensuring that the IVSC remains relevant and up to date in a rapidly changing market environment.

Stout is an active member of the IVSC and is committed to bringing greater consistency and transparency to the global markets through the development and refinement of consistent valuation standards, said Greg OHara, President of the Valuation Advisory Group at Stout. Matt, Harris, and Kyle are leading experts in their respective areas, and I look forward to the meaningful contribution they will make to IVSC and the industry.

The SRB is responsible for overseeing the work of all the IVSCs technical boards and is widely regarded as a leading authority on the development and promulgation of International Valuation Standards, which are used in more than 100 countries. The FIB and TAB are responsible for ensuring high-quality, transparent, and ethical valuation practices for financial instruments and tangible assets.