Stout Completes Cost/Benefit Study on Right to Counsel for Low-Income Tenants Facing Eviction in Philadelphia

November 15, 2018

Stout recently conducted an independent study regarding the costs and benefits to the City of Philadelphia if it were to provide attorneys to low-income tenants facing eviction.

Stout was commissioned by the Philadelphia Bar Association to produce a report – Economic Return on Investment of Providing Counsel in Philadelphia Eviction Cases for Low-Income Tenants – which concluded that the benefits associated with providing attorneys to low-income tenants far exceed the costs. The study found that eviction-related costs to the City of Philadelphia are abundant and can be disastrous to low-income families already struggling to make ends meet and seeking stability. These disruptions to family stability can be extremely costly to the City of Philadelphia and many other cities in which residents face similar circumstances.

Stout estimated that the return on investment to the City of Philadelphia would be over $12 – that is, for every dollar Philadelphia spends on providing legal representation to low-income tenants, it will receive a benefit of more than $12.

Stout conducted a similar analysis for New York which helped support landmark legislation in 2017.

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