Stout's Automotive Warranty & Recall Report mentioned in The Washington Post

June 08, 2016

Managing Director Neil Steinkamp, CVA, CCA, MAFF authored the comprehensive 2016 Automotive Warranty and Recall report that covers trends that emerged in 2015 and reveals new insights into critical issues including:

  • Unprecedented analysis of how consumers respond to recall communications…and recommended communication strategies that may enable OEMs to significantly increase completion rates.
  • How factors such as vehicle age, recall size, vehicle type and component type influence completion rates…and how manufacturers can use this information to improve outreach efforts.
  • Why automotive suppliers may have increased financial exposure in 2016 and beyond

The report has been featured in The Washington Post article entitled “Why everyone should worry about this scary glitch that affected rich drivers.”

The article notes, “A new car might have 100 million lines of code, according to a report by...Stout.

The more luxurious the car, the more interconnected its technological components may be.”

Read the full article here.

Learn more about Stout's Automotive Warranty & Recall Services here.

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