Jesse R. Morton and Scott Rosenbaum earn At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics (ACT) Specialist Certification (CACTS)

March 09, 2018

Southeast Forensic Services Co-Leaders Jesse R. Morton and Scott Rosenbaum recently became Certified ACT Specialists. The ACT training equips first responders, subsequent responders, investigators, and other interested parties (e.g., attorneys, bank employees, etc.) with knowledge and skills to address the needs of elder and disabled (collectively, “at-risk adults”) crime victims in Georgia as part of a multi-disciplinary team, thus advancing public safety.  The training involves becoming educated with Georgia at-risk adult related laws, schemes, and responsibilities and encompasses several aspects of abuse including physical, mental, neglect, and financial exploitation.  The ultimate goal of the training is to encourage a “team” approach to help protect, prevent, and prosecute crimes against at-risk adults. Certified ACT Specialists become “Mandated Reporters” under Georgia law.