Stout's Spring/Summer 2016 issue of The Journal was a special anniversary edition highlighting the firm's 25 years of excellence. Among the topics featured were an analysis of Chapter 11 reform, the implications of court opinions in intellectual property disputes, solutions to common divorce problems, and how to value segments of the oil and gas industry. Below are featured articles by category.

Bankruptcy and Distressed

The Distress Research Indices and a Fresh Look at the Causes of Healthcare Distress

Chapter 11 Reform: Did the ABI Commission Get It Right?

Real Property or Disguised Financing? A Closer Look at the Treatment of Oil and Gas Financing Transactions in Bankruptcy

Guarding Your Character: Demonstrating Intent in Private Equity Fundings


Client Spotlight: 20 Questions With CEO of MorganFranklin Consulting C.E. Andrews

Intellectual Property

'Market Value' Damages: What Are the Implications of Aqua Shield

Damages-Related Issues Addressed by the Federal Circuit in Summit 6 v. Samsung

Getting to 'Yes': High-Low Patent License and Settlement Agreements 

Takeaways from Akamai Technologies, Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc. 


2015 FCPA Enforcement Trends: Year in Review With an Eye Toward the Future

Appointing a Receiver in the Family Court Setting: Unique Solutions to Common Divorce Case Problems

Interview With Former Delaware Chief Justice Myron Steele

Dole Food Stockbroker Litigation: A Case of an M&A Deal Gone Bananas


M&A Market Update: The Unknown Unknowns

Non-Control Minority Investment: A New Deal for Business Owners

Post-Transaction Accounting: Remaining Useful Life and Amortization Considerations

Are the Winds Finally Changing? A Look at Government Services Transaction Multiples


Corporate Tax Planning With Preferred Stock

In Defense of Tax Affecting

Capital Gains Exclusion for Qualified Small Business Stock Made Permanent

Valuation Methodologies in the Oil and Gas Industry

In Case You Were Wondering: Are Marketability Discounts Appropriate in Divorce Cases?