Driving Ahead

Driving Ahead

April 09, 2019

When we first launched our firm in the early ‘90s, we knew we had an open road ahead. During this journey, with the help of so many of you, it has taken a lot of endurance, patience, and grit to get to where we are today. These efforts led to our success in the past and will drive our success in the future. As we move farther down this road, we continue to expand our service offerings and global reach, and we also recognize some of the many individuals who exemplify Stout’s promise of Relentless Excellence.

Professional golfer Sam Ryder has also embarked on a similar path. Through hard work and perseverance, Sam has taken remarkable strides in his young career and is now in his second season on the PGA Tour. Sam also exudes Stout’s core values such as being accountable and committed. For these reasons, we are pleased to have Sam as a Stout Brand Ambassador. He has an interesting story to tell, and I invite you to meet Sam and learn more about his professional success.

With our ongoing growth, we also continually recognize opportunities for our own success. In the past seven months, Stout has broadened its presence in Europe with a new office in Berlin, and in Asia with new offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With this expansion, we also brought into the Stout family a number of experienced professionals who are immersed in the European and Asian financial markets. Our Asia-based Managing Directors share their unique perspectives on M&A activity and corporate growth in the Pan-Asian region.

Back in the U.S., in addition to our M&A track record, we regularly demonstrate our expertise in various valuation and litigation assignments. We recently sat down with Managing Directors John VanSanten (real estate valuation) and Michele Riley (intellectual property damages) who spoke with us about their diverse client base and career accomplishments. Both are nationally recognized for their work in high-profile legal matters.

In addition to these personal discussions with our colleagues, we also highlight the latest commentary from across our firm. Included within are articles focusing on portfolio management, litigation funding, healthcare transactions, healthcare pricing, intellectual property, cyber insurance, recent court cases, and more.

As Stout has grown over the years, each issue of The Journal has enabled us to showcase our knowledge, with the goal of assisting clients and partners on timely topics. This latest edition is another example of the depth and breadth of our firm’s strengths, and I hope you glean some valuable insight on important issues.

Craige Stout