Challenges in a health system’s revenue cycle (RC) could include billing errors, avoidable denials, IT setbacks, untrained staff and a lack of a financial policy. Generally, figures and reports don’t tell the complete story. What may appear as a sound measurement of days in accounts receivable (e.g., 30) can actually mask systemic problems in processes and procedures. If data reported are inaccurate, miscalculated, or outright corrupt, leadership may not discover the issues until revenue wanes. Stout assists clients everywhere on the RC continuum: from ensuring systems function well, to addressing fissures in the RC, to aiding in structural rebuild and redesign to remedy large problems.

Does Your RC Need a Boost?

Stout performs an off-site, data-driven review of certain components that helps paint a picture of your revenue cycle’s performance. We request these data elements for a recent rolling year, six months or a quarter, and run the numbers to provide high-level output, which includes a snapshot of issues or potential issues and a two-page report delineating our findings.

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