We answer our readers’ most commonly asked questions about avoiding mistakes, best practices, and how these approaches have worked in real life.

June 25, 2018

This edition of Get Smart is devoted to our readers. During the course of this series we have received many questions about common mistakes, best practices and the preferable tools with regard to data analytics in investigations and commercial dispute matters. We hope to address these questions in this edition.

We also received feedback that case examples are helpful to better understand the concepts addressed in this series. In response to this feedback, we have provided an Appendix of projects where data analytics were a pivotal part of the matter. The industries and topics covered in the Appendix are varied and include a broad spectrum of issues including:

  • white-collar defense
  • fraud
  • shareholder disputes
  • product recalls
  • representations and warranties
  • compliance issues involving:
    • the False Claims Act
    • the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    • anti-money laundering laws
  • matters involving government entities, including:
    • Internal Revenue Service
    • Department of Justice
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    • International Trade Commission

We trust that you will find this information useful in your own practice.

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