Get Smart: Part 4

January 26, 2017

"Get Smart, Forensically Speaking...for the Litigator” is an article series written specifically for litigators. The series helps litigators understand key concepts, strategies, and best practices without getting overly technical. Below is Part 4 of the article series. If you missed Part 3, click here

Consider a matter where you are representing a client and are helping them conduct an investigation or settle a dispute. Once a formal complaint and initial discovery tasks are completed, you await financial and operational information pertaining to this matter. This information is collected from the IT departments of the various parties involved and may span many years. Once the delivery arrives, you are informed there are 10 bankers boxes waiting for you at the dock.

These boxes contain backup tape cartridges, hard drives, paper reports, DVDs, USB thumb drives, and an array of other types of media... So now what?

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