Following a large acquisition and divestitures of non-core business assets, a leading U.S. manufacturer of integrated circuits (microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP) was struggling to maintain a portfolio that had grown to almost 10,000 patents and applications and cost millions of dollars to maintain. To try to improve portfolio management, the client had identified non-core assets of value but had not been able to generate substantive offers.

After careful qualification of the assets for sale, we were hired to monetize a large touch sensor portfolio. Our team was instrumental in working closely with the client’s business units and office of the Chief Technology Officer to carve out key assets and balance the company’s product road map while ensuring key value-driving patents would be available and the number of assets included was maximized. The team prepared extensive evidence of use and encumbrance analysis to clarify the value of the portfolio and minimize transaction complexities and delays. Finally, the team conducted a controlled sales process that generated multiple bids from operating and non-practicing entities at multiples above previous offers.

The portfolio was sold at a value that exceeded client expectations, and the team was hired to continue mining the portfolio for additional assets of value but non-core to the business. This process has resulted in a half-dozen additional transactions to date.

Note: This work was performed prior to joining Stout.

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