Navigating the dashboard

  1. Content visualizations are contained within tabbed reports. Explore content within the reports by selecting tabs at the bottom of the report to review different Stout analyses.
  2. Users can interact with the data utilizing data slicers contained on the right-hand side of individual visualizations.
  3. Commentary from Stout appears below the chart.

    Recall Overview Report
  4. You can access the tables containing the data visualized in each report. To access the data tables, select and right-click on a data point in the visualization. Select Show Data from the drop-down menu to access the data table:

    Show data table
  5. The data table will appear below the visualization in the report window:

    Data Table
    Select "Back to Report" in the upper left hand corner of the report to return to the visualization.
  6. You can also perform custom analysis of the source data using Excel pivot tables. To access the data in Excel, select the “More Options” ellipses in the upper right-hand corner of the report and choose “Analyze in Excel.”

    More options
  7. When prompted at the bottom of your screen, select either the “Open” or “Save As” options to load the pivot table in Excel.

    Analyze in Excel
  8. You will now be able to create custom pivots of the data utilized in any visualization.


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