Protecting the environment is essential to our firm, whether it be working in energy-efficient buildings, engaging with sustainable businesses, or monitoring our waste and energy footprint. We are committed in our pursuit and fulfillment of sustainable causes.

Environmental Certifications and Green Initiatives

All of Stout's offices nationwide are involved in environmentally sustainable best practices and green initiatives, including LEED, Energy Star, and BOMA 360 certifications.  

Advancing Flexible Office Concepts

We have introduced flexible office solutions at many of our locations. These workplaces are efficiently designed to maximize office space and leverage new technologies in order to reduce our energy usage. They also help promote a more collaborative and interactive environment among colleagues. 

We believe that focused work, and the private space in which to do it, is something all employees need to be effective. The flexible concept is well-suited to meet the various needs and work-style preferences of all our employees, while also advancing our sustainable efforts.  

Engagements With Sustainable Companies

We take pride in serving companies that have implemented green initiatives and encourage environmental sustainability. Below is a sampling of our experience with such businesses.

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