June 06, 2018

Download Stout’s “Strategic Questions for the Board” infographic to learn the five strategic questions the board should ask themselves when contemplating the sale of a company's business unit, as addressed in our recent “Intermediate Financial Analysis for the Boardroom” webinar.

In this webinar, Managing Directors Christina Carroll and Marc Asbra guided participants through a case study of a branded apparel and accessories company dealing with several strategic challenges. In the webinar, the speakers analyzed the impact of shifting consumer preferences, an assessment of an unsolicited offer to purchase one of the company’s business units, and financial analysis related to this potential sale (and how to avoid “data paralysis”).

Our speakers discussed the many considerations when assessing these challenges, as well as how to identify their financial impact, develop insightful and probing questions for the management team, and formulate conclusions to determine appropriate solutions.

Watch a replay of Stout's webinar to:

  • Hear our perspective on how to evaluate the impact of the specific situation
  • Help your clients and their boards develop questions based on the unique challenges and the financial data at hand
  • Understand the considerations board members need to contemplate during a potential sale

Strategic Questions for the Board

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