Matter management and e-billing implementation for Fortune 50 company

Matter management and e-billing implementation for Fortune 50 company

Our team led the requirements-gathering and solution-design effort for a global matter management and e-billing implementation at a Fortune 50 automotive company.

The solution design addressed the customized needs of nine different legal department divisions in the United States and nearly the same in Mexico and South America.

We assisted the client in:

  • Identifying, harmonizing, and documenting business and technical requirements across 10 different domestic and international stakeholder groups
  • Defining a new matter classification system as well as mapping their existing matters to the new taxonomy as part of the migration-planning process
  • Designing user interfaces for matter creation, budgeting, timekeeper setup, AFA tracking, document storage, narrative entry, invoice management, and case resolution tracking
  • Documenting the specifications required to build a custom interface, data-tracking model, and reporting integration to comply with National Transportation Safety Board regulations
  • Evaluating platform-retention capabilities to comply with the organization’s record information-management and tax-retention policies
  • Communicating solution-design specifications to the technology vendor to ensure its offshore development team understood the project needs.

Note: This work was performed prior to joining Stout.